Flying & Training

We hold sessions weekly on Saturday afternoon, 3pm - 6pm.

Members come together to fly their radio controlled models at Singapore Polytechnic Sports Complex (Stadium) or Multi-Purpose Field (between FC3 & FC5).

It's the perfect gathering to showcase your flying skills.

Whether planes or quadcopters, there's always something for everybody!

New to the Aeromodelling world???

Fret not! We have passionate seniors who will wholeheartedly share their aeromodelling knowledge as well as skills with you!

We will train freshies from building their personal radio controlled planes until you can safely fly it solo.

What are you waiting for? JOIN US!!!!!

Network with your peers at SPAVC!

You might find yourself one day coming back to SPAVC just like our amazing alumnis. They ply their trade on aeromodelling so you can learn more!