Outreach Programmes

Singapore Committee for UN Women | Glider Workshop

The Singapore Committee for UN Women is a self-funded Singapore-based organisation aimed at supporting local, regional, and global programs that provide women and young girls with access to leadership development, economic independence and a life free of violence and abuse. We support the general mission of UN Women throughout the region by raising awareness and funding for Ending Violence Against Women, Economic Empowerment Programs, and Governance and Leadership Programs.

As part of their efforts to reach out and empower girls through education, Girls2Pioneers campaign was launched. Along with MasterCard and Standard Chartered, Singapore Committee for UN Women launched the Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) campaign, Girls2Pioneers. The purpose of this program is to inspire and encourage youth in Singapore, particularly young girls and women, to explore and consider careers within STEM fields. The Girls2Pioneers campaign has made significant progress and has reached out to over 17,000 girls and over 20 schools since its inception.

As part of our Girls2Pioneers campaign, the Singapore Committee for UN Women partnered with SPAVC to introduce aviation to students of Nanyang Girls High School. We conducted a glider workshop to share knowledge about fundamentals of flights. The students applied what they had learn into building their own gliders. This enables them to see for themselves the different effect of flights with different types of aerodynamic designs.

The students then faced off with each other to see who built the best glider in terms of design as well as the distance covered. The students definitely had fun in the engaging workshop!

17 November 2017

NUS RC4 X SPAVC | Radio Control Workshop

EXPERIENCE > AGE ? This is what happens when teaching meets no boundaries. In this workshop, our SPAVC members mentored the NUS participants in learning about aeromodelling and radio control flying.

We had an aeromodelling session which allows NUS students to learn the fundamentals of flight and aeromodelling techniques which are then applied into the building of a hand thrown glider. After the gliders were built, we had a glider competition to showcase what they have built and to see if they have applied their knowledge into their aircraft, to achieve a smooth flight path as well as going as far as possible.

The flying session aims to let NUS students have a feel of controlling the trainer planes or gliders. The NUS students were “buddy corded” together with SPAVC trainers to fly the remote-controlled aircraft. Students will use the “slave” transmitter while the SPAVC trainer will use the “Master” transmitter to assist.

15 October 2017

SPNAC X SPAVC | Glider Workshop

In search of new skills, Singapore Polytechnic NYAA Ambassador Club (SPNAC) approached SPAVC. We offered to teach SPNAC to build foam glider. From here they can pick up basic aeromodeling skills.

11 October 2017

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